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Hostinger’s Free SSL and Backup Services Included!


website security is no longer optional – it’s essential. It protects your visitors’ data, builds trust in your brand, and can even boost SSL and Backup your search engine ranking. But implementing security measures can feel overwhelming, especially for small businesses or those new to website ownership.

This is where Hostinger steps in! They offer a compelling solution:

free Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates and automatic backups
automatic backups

included with all their shared hosting plans. Let’s delve into what these features mean for your website and how they benefit you.

Why is a Free SSL Certificate Important?


An SSL certificate encrypts data transmitted between your website and visitors’ browsers. This creates a secure connection, safeguarding sensitive information like credit card details, SSL and Backup login credentials, and contact forms.

Here’s a breakdown of the advantages:

  • Enhanced Security: SSL prevents data breaches and man-in-the-middle attacks, protecting your visitors and your business reputation.
  • Improved SEO: Google prioritizes secure websites in search results. An SSL certificate can give your website a ranking boost.
  • Increased Trust: The familiar padlock symbol in the address bar assures SSL and Backup visitors their information is safe, leading to higher conversion rates.
Peace of Mind with Free Backups

Unexpected technical issues or malicious attacks can happen. Regular backups ensure you have a recent copy of your website’s data readily available for restoration. Hostinger’s automatic backups provide a safety net:

  • Automated Protection: Schedule worries are a thing of the past. Backups run automatically, safeguarding your website content.
  • Disaster Recovery: If your website encounters a problem, you can quickly restore it from a recent backup, minimizing downtime and data loss.
  • Stress-Free Management: Free yourself from manual backups. Hostinger takes care of it, allowing you to focus on running your business.
The Hostinger Advantage: Security and Convenience Combined

SSL certificates and backups are crucial for website security, but they can often come at an additional cost with other hosting providers. Hostinger integrates these features seamlessly into their shared hosting plans, offering a cost-effective and secure solution for businesses of all sizes.

Additional Considerations: Finding the Right Hosting Plan



While free SSL and backups are a major perk, consider your website’s specific needs when choosing a hosting plan. Hostinger offers a variety of plans with different storage capacities, bandwidth allocations, and additional features like email hosting and website builders.

Here are some factors to keep in mind:
  • Website Traffic: Estimate the expected monthly visitors to your website. Choose a plan that accommodates your traffic volume.
  • Storage Requirements: Consider the amount of data your website needs to store, including text, images, and videos.
  • Scalability: Think about future growth. Choose a plan that can scale up as your website traffic and data needs increase.
 Secure Your Website’s Success with Hostinger

By offering free SSL certificates and automatic backups, Hostinger empowers businesses to prioritize website security without breaking the bank. This combination of features ensures a safe and reliable online presence, fostering visitor trust and boosting your website’s potential.

Ready to take your website security to the next level?

Visit Hostinger today to explore their hosting plans and experience the benefits SSL and Backup of a secure and worry-free online space.

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